We're fundraising! Own a slice of Hipflask...

We're Fundraising!

Own a piece of Hipflask and be a part of the new revolution in buying drinks online.

Hipflask is a pioneer in 'conscious shopping'. People are more discerning than ever - we care about where things we buy come from, what's in them, who runs the companies, how they're run, how the products feel and the best ways to use them. We're all about supporting this, getting customers the information they need, as they need it. We'll tell you which of your brands are the most sustainable, which are run by women, which are produced locally in the UK, if they're vegan, their sugar content, how premium the bottle is and more.

We're for people who want the 'right' thing, not just 'any thing'.

Did you know that
1 out of every 6 gifts bought is alcohol? Did you also know that the amount of money spent on buying drinks online (in the biggest 10 markets) is set exceed £29 billion by 2024.
In 2020 it was £4.05 billion and £2.17 billion the year before that. That's an enormous amount of growth still to come.

With Hipflask you'll be investing in a brand which is at the forefront of that growth.


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